Where Ink Meets Blink

This section is dedicated to headlines and features that echoed on screen and print. 

Future Proofing Saccos

July 2020

This article was featured in the CIO East Africa magazine following their event on how best to secure SACCOs (Savings & Credit Cooperative Societies) within ever evolving risk environments. 

OPENSoURCE hacking tools

July 2018

This was a feature of the OWASP  Mth3l3m3nt (Modular Threat Handling Element) Framework on the Hakin9 Magazine and some usecases in which it can be applied in security engagements. 

Make Your Cloud with subutai

June 2018

This article delved into the intricacies of malware analysis and how techniques like dynamic analysis can help ease the process of deconstruction of malware at runtime more efficiently.

Cryptography for hackers

December 2017

This is a simple article that answers the question of “how?” attackers attempt to stay hidden and “how?” they actually beat systems. It also shows strategies they use to reduce the effort of a hack hence reducing the cost to them making an attack more viable.

run ahead of cyber criminals

July 2016

This article tackles a business angle to dealing with cyber risk and how awareness from the board level to operational levels becomes key in addressing and mitigating risks. It also talked about convergence and awareness as a key strategy towards this.

CYBERSECURITY – Staying safe online

April 2014

This was a morning talk show that sought to demistify the increase in online impersonations and fraud through various social engineering tactics and how to tackle them in the modern day to day channels i.e. Social media, Mobile and the web in general.