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This section is dedicated to curated Insights from Global Presentations & Write-ups and Teachings

Beyond XSS

August 2018

This was a presentation and demonstration at SheHacks on how XSS can be leveraged beyond the alert messages commonly shown.

Attack automation

March 2017

This presentation was an enablement on how to turn advisories without public exploits into actionable exploits by breaking them down.

OWASP Mth3l3m3nt

July 2016

This presentation focused on the tool Mth3l3m3nt and various usecases showing how it can be leveraged in assessments.

Is cloud frustrating you?

August 2014

This talk sought to answer : Is Cloud Frustrating You? at Barcamp by showing challenges and solutions to cloud implementations.

the web You thought you knew

Feb 2014

This was a presentation and demo at the Africahackon 2014 conference that showed various web security threats and mishaps that happen.

Nasty salon lab

March 2014

This was a CTF organised by Chucks during the Africahackon conference to emulate a real world threat environment; The documentation was the final solution my team used to beat the challenge as the first to overcome.

Conferences are the compasses guiding minds, talks are the bridges connecting ideas, and challenges are the forges where growth is molten into existence. Together, they orchestrate a symphony of learning, forging paths untraveled, and sculpting the future’s triumphs.

Munir Njiru