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What’s in a lab that which we call malware, by any other name would still be as malicious. Incase you missed the article on malware introduction you can find it here. I made a small application that will emulate some of the attacks by the viruses in a slightly controlled manner just to give you an understanding of what it takes. You can get it on github.

For those who are curious and love to see under the hood. the source is available too. Feel free to modify and extend it.


This comes with a couple of features.

  • Distortions – These disabled commonly used services e.g. Firewall, TaskManager, Registry as well as remove common used windows features e.g. Run, Folder Options.
  • File Infector – This is limited to infecting only the first file in the current folder where the virus instance is to avoid damages beyond repair 😀
  • File replicator – This shows how the current virus instance can replicate itself , the replicas however are not going to be hidden to avoid hunts on your machine for resource hoggers and they are limited to replicating on roots of all drive types not internal folders and they share a name so you can also opt to such your computer for it.

The interface is straight forward and in case you are still unsure there’s a video on youtube.

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