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In the recent leak from shadow brokers; here has been great uptake in using the scripts. Some of the things to note though are that the script works on :

Solving the problems with this requirement ; I will highlight the  2 most common:

  • Running a different version of python
  • Error: not a valid win32 application

Running a different version of python

In my setup im running 2.7 therefore I have a problem with 2.6 being abit outdated.

2 Different versions of Python

To sort this out to run both just install the 32 bit python. Go to computer -> advanced system settings -> properties -> environment variables and update the paths to python 2.6;  this doesn’t solve the whole issue though because associations will still be on your newer versions of python. or from commandline ;

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Python26

Mine are as below:

Find python associations

a drill down of the exact bindings to python version shows its still on 2.7 so we need to update that to 2.6 the bindings of file to association are as below:

Python Bindings

Updating them to associate with python 2.6 is as below:

ftype Python.file=”C:\Python26\python.exe” “%1” %*
ftype Python.CompiledFile=”C:\Python26\python.exe” “%1” %*
ftype Python.NoConfile=”C:\Python27\pythonw.exe” “%1” %*

Now we will have fixed this first issue of running multiple versions of python you can put all these in a batch file to be able to switch at will call it a mini PyVM 😀 ..

Error: not a valid win32 application

Well this is easy; I found this popup when running the 64 bit version of python 2.6 and pywin32 so i uninstalled them and ran the 32bit version and voila.

64 bit issues

At the end of this though ; it was up and running ready to engage.

Purrr like a kitten

Hope this helps for anyone facing the same issues with the scripts. 🙂

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Probably an easier method for one of the exploits which is the eternal blue; but you still need fuzzbunch for the rest; they haven’t been ported yet 😀

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