Fundamentals of Malware Analysis:
A Beginners Journey To Artificial Life

This course initiates by exploring fundamental malware concepts, facilitating your comprehension of diverse malware types and the intricate process of malware analysis. Before delving into advanced analysis techniques, you will also be guided on creating a secure laboratory environment, ensuring optimal conditions for conducting malware analysis.

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28 Lectures, 2 Hours

Is This Good For Me?

This volume provides the security professionals, incident responders and individuals with the information they need to get start in the field of malware analysis and incident response. The many hands on experiences they gain throughout this course, and many examples included in different section, helps the audience to apply the techniques in real world problems and analysis. The audience are not required to have a deep programming background as the required background is covered by the course.

What's Inside?

In this section, we go over the basic concepts of malware, get familiar with various types of malware, and learn how to set up a secure environment before we start analyzing malware.

In this section, we get familiar with the concept of dynamic malware analysis and we learn how we can study the behavior of malware by studying its artefacts on the local environment and the network.

In this section, we learn how to make use of static analysis techniques to study malware. We will also review the required concepts from assembly and C++ and explore tools used in Static Analysis

In the last section, we get expose to various techniques that malware can use to evade detection or develop anti-analysis techniques

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Learn how to analyze malware and understand its anatomy using these tools and techniques