Advanced Malware Analysis:
Under the hood of artificial life

In this video course,  we first understand the behavior of different classes of malware. Such knowledge helps us to easily categorize malware based on its characteristic.

We see how sophisticated malware can use techniques to either evade detection or increase its damage and access to the system. Then we learn advanced techniques in static and dynamic malware analysis and cover the details and powerful features of OllyDbg, IDA Pro, and WINDBG.

We also explore defense mechanisms against malware and unpacking concepts

Video course by Munir njiru


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35 Lectures, 4 Hours 3 Minutes

Is This Good For Me?

This volume provides the security professionals, incident responders and individuals with the information they need to perform a deep malware analysis. You get familiar with the advanced techniques that enable you to deal with modern malware. Audience can also gain a good knowledge on how to detect the malware and defend against the malware. This tutorial does not stop here, it also covers the concept of evasive malware and how to analyze them.

What's Inside?

In this section, you learn how the behavior of malware is different in various class of malware and such an insight helps you to understand the class of malware while you are analyzing it.

In this section, you learn how malware uses sophisticated techniques to stay off the radar of analysis tools and how it may increase its access to increase the damage.

In this section, we explore more details and advanced dynamic malware analysis techniques. We see how to debug the program in the user and kernel mode using OllyDbg and WINDBG.

In this section, we see how to use the full features of IDA PRO to perform static malware analysis.

In this section, we explore detection and defense techniques and learn how to quickly set up an intrusion detection system using snort.

In this section, we explain about the concept of packer and unpackers and how they work.

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Learn how to deal with evasive malware and structure your analysis more professionally.