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I love walking the path, Here are some select project references worth looking at

The purpose of this project is to provide a platform to enable more flexible testing especially in aspects regarding to web security and the OWASP top 10 threats to web applications. It fosters on ease of use and flexibility.


This is a number of projects that have RATs utilising a PHP backend and executable client. They are fully decoded with source provided. For more information


This project was not originally by me , All i did was decode the actual exploit pack to enable looking under the hood for researchers so that they understand about how attacks were done using the exploit pack.


What’s in a lab that which we call malware, by any other name would still be as malicious. I made a small application that will emulate some of the attacks by the viruses in a slightly controlled manner just to give you an understanding of what it takes to build viruses.

This project is aimed at getting people introduced into the malware world it gives a number of malware samples for analysis and reversing. For the full list of viruses

This project is dedicated to a number of items; the main aim of the repository is to solve some challenges as I carry out pentests and populate PoC’s /exploits when none are available as of the time of testing.

This is a slightly dated PoC that focused on showing how the DOM can be abused using a browser extension on a browser like chrome to perform SE via shoulder surfing attacks rather than mainstream e-mail vectors to add a bit of creativity to engagements.

This project was a passion project when it was hard to find windows drivers back in windows XP and prior ages; allowing pre-packaging all major vendor drivers for wireless, bluetooth, videocards, ethernet cards and more.

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I am a Cyber Security Consultant and researcher. I specialize in the intricate fields of malware analysis, meticulous examination of web and mobile applications, and the orchestration of comprehensive testing methodologies.

My unwavering dedication to the craft has garnered me recognition, exemplified by my achievement in the 2015 WASPY (Web Application Security People of the Year) Awards. My resounding triumph in two categories within the African continent—namely, Global/Growing and Innovation/Sharing—serves as a testament to this dedicative contribution.

I am well versed in threat modelling which is a key skill in defusing breaches by creating awareness enhancing the cyber killchain.

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