September 27, 2016

Publications & Press Releases

CIO East Africa Magazine (July 2020): Future Proof SACCOs for Future Uncertainties

Hakin9 Media (December 2019): Web Apps Attack and Defense: Secure Coding

Packtub Publishing (September 28 2018): Advanced Malware Analysis [Video]

Hakin9 Magazine (July 2018): Opensource Hacking Tools (OWASP Mth3l3m3nt Framework)

Hakin9 Magazine (June 2018): Make your cloud with subutai (Malware Analysis)

Packtub Publishing (March 29 2018): Fundamentals of Malware Analysis [Video]

Pentest Magazine (December 2017): Cryptography for hackers, pentesters and cybersecurity specialists

Business Daily (July 28 2016): Run ahead of cybercriminals by raising awareness on global hacking behaviour

Cyber Security Interview (NTV – AM Live) – 7 Apr 2014