PHP RATs (Reflected & Decoded)

This is a number of projects that have RATs utilising a PHP backend and executable client. They are fully decoded with source provided, they are not originally developed by me; The main aim of retreiving them and reversing was to simply get an understanding of the malware provider’s thought process in structuring and building the RATs. Current RATs are as below:

4 thoughts on “PHP RATs (Reflected & Decoded)

    • I share your sentiments on this since the time i came across them, it isn’t the best case which explains its lack of popularity compared to its rivals like citadel and zeus. It however offers a good start point for someone that wants to have a basic understanding on how to structure a bot and what components would go into a client versus what goes to a server. All that was done was decompilation and code reflection to get a view of what the dev had in mind.

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