WordPress Hardening (Patching the theme)

In the previous article we discussed wordpress hardening from a htaccess angle. In this article we will do various modifications to the functions.php file that comes with a wordpress theme , all the directives will be appended to the script without destroying the theme. The directives simply change how it shows things in the frontend,[…]

Your hand is in the cookie jar

It’s been a while since my last “confession”. So today I’m here to tell you that sadly “I placed my hand in the cookie jar”. Pfffffffft!!!!! There’s a nifty new feature in the OWASP mth3l3m3nt framework  that you just might love, it was inspired by pentest tools. It aims to give potency to Cross Site Scripting[…]

Business Continuity Failures

Everyone Loves Good Backup Systems to ensure in event of anything you are back to business ASAP. This however can be your biggest downfall if done wrong. As of Yesterday (2014-10-09),  WordPress Ready! Backup Plugin has this done wrong By Breaking two rules of the web: Logging Backup Process to a Web Viewable Interface on[…]