Scripts & Sploits

This project is dedicated to a number of items; the main aim of the repository is to solve some challenges as I carry out pentests and populate PoC’s /exploits when none are available as of the time of testing. The main languages used so far are: Ruby Python Batch File Scripting The composition includes: Metasploit[…]

PHP Utilities

This repository caters for simple scripts to do various attacks and perform various security related functions, currently here in is : Apache Byte Range Server DOS tester KOHA LFI Give Web Head (Directory and File Bruteforce) MD5 Dictionary cracker WordPress Ebook Generator Arbitrary File Download WordPress User Frontend Plugin Unrestricted File Upload   Download PHP[…]

Man In The DOM (MiTD)

You are in the middle of an assessment , things are thick. SE is the only option but you are short on time. Users however are sloppy and the question begs to ask:   What’s the Worst that could happen on an unlocked screen for a few minutes? Well Take these pointers at hand: Users Leave[…]