Getting the shadow running

In the recent leak from shadow brokers; here has been great uptake in using the scripts. Some of the things to note though are that the script works on : Python 2.6 (32 bit) pywin32 (32 bit) Solving the problems with this requirement ; I will highlight the  2 most common: Running a different version of[…]

Making Rabbits

Rabbit Viruses a.k.a Fork Bombs are more of logically flawed programs than viruses though at times intentional most programmers have made this in one way or another. A common example is an infinite while loop i.e. a while loop that always returns a true condition. Looking at a couple example to put it into perspective[…]

I call on thee stealth

Stealth is basically acting in a covert way. As discussed previously. there could be three main kinds of stealth: Size Stealth Full Stealth Redirection Stealth Size Stealth In this case the Malware fakes the actual change in size of an infected file. What is done in the background : Saves and only shows true file[…]