Automating web exploits using metasploit – 2

In the previous article we covered the initialize method. So moving on to the juice stuff the check and exploit methods. Enter Check Method The check method is simple. we have already declared all we need to use so now lets put everything into good use. Similar to our previous python based exploit ; we[…]

Automating web exploits using metasploit

Today I want to go through something even I have been struggling with for a while ; creating PoC’s is a good thing but creating actionable exploits for frameworks like metasploit was really something else; takes a lot more discipline. Why would we do this? well interactive shells are everyone’s joy. PS: yes I had[…]

[zero code] LFI and Arbitrary file download exploits on Mth3l3m3nt Framework

This simple post will take you through the process of adding an arbitrary file download exploit to mth3l3m3nt ; so yes no excuse to not have a working PoC for LFI or arbitrary file downloads because “I can’t code”. We will use the case of WordPress Plugin Membership Simplified v1.58 – Arbitrary File Download whose process of coming[…]

Mobile App Native

Today I release a simple exploit as a PoC for the 5 advisories. These were discovered by Larry W Cashdollar. The exploit takes on the following phases: It checks that the plugin exists. If it does it generates a webshell and uploads it to the server. The plugin renames shells to an md5 hash; The PoC[…]

Business Continuity Failures

Everyone Loves Good Backup Systems to ensure in event of anything you are back to business ASAP. This however can be your biggest downfall if done wrong. As of Yesterday (2014-10-09),  WordPress Ready! Backup Plugin has this done wrong By Breaking two rules of the web: Logging Backup Process to a Web Viewable Interface on[…]