WordPress Hardening (htaccess)

WordPress is among the most widely used CMS in the world. This popularity has also lead to a number of  issues within wordpress. We will look at how to harden wordpress using four elements , together or either one depending on level of hardening required. The 4 methods include: Hardening via htaccess Hardening via patching the theme[…]

WordPress Hardening (Patching the theme)

In the previous article we discussed wordpress hardening from a htaccess angle. In this article we will do various modifications to the functions.php file that comes with a wordpress theme , all the directives will be appended to the script without destroying the theme. The directives simply change how it shows things in the frontend,[…]

PHP Utilities

This repository caters for simple scripts to do various attacks and perform various security related functions, currently here in is : Apache Byte Range Server DOS tester KOHA LFI Give Web Head (Directory and File Bruteforce) MD5 Dictionary cracker WordPress Ebook Generator Arbitrary File Download WordPress User Frontend Plugin Unrestricted File Upload   Download PHP[…]