Making Rabbits

Rabbit Viruses a.k.a Fork Bombs are more of logically flawed programs than viruses though at times intentional most programmers have made this in one way or another. A common example is an infinite while loop i.e. a while loop that always returns a true condition. Looking at a couple example to put it into perspective[…]

I call on thee stealth

Stealth is basically acting in a covert way. As discussed previously. there could be three main kinds of stealth: Size Stealth Full Stealth Redirection Stealth Size Stealth In this case the Malware fakes the actual change in size of an infected file. What is done in the background : Saves and only shows true file[…]

Identifying Scam Sites (Payvilla Review)

There have been a lot of links referring but are they real. This article is one to help identify scam sites. Common and Consistent Flaws No security certificate and it handles jobs and payments, well even facebook is merely a social network but they went through the trouble. Dingy ads at the bottom under[…]

Extra Cleaning With CMD

This article is a basic little fix for the regular windows problems. At times your flash behaves funny but when you  scan the antivirus claims it is clean. This is especially the case with new viruses. Its nice to do a quick check incase you suspect foul play for malware. So basically what we will[…]

Eset Offline Updating

In order to Update ESET offline. You need to gather update files for the current update version from a machine that is up to date and whose update cache has not been cleared as we will get it from the cache then transfer. This has been tested upto ESET4 Business Edition and may vary slightly[…]

Bypass Windows 7 Activation

There is usually a problem when using one of those keys that windows has black listed you get a screen as below during updates.  One method is to remove or block installation of the update Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB905474). Another alternative is to download the ready made WGA removers or activators like Hazar’s windows[…]

Demistifying FOPO

What is FOPO? First of all it stands for :- Free Online PHP Obfuscator. Basically what obfuscation does is it makes Scripts or programs less friendly to the human eye to quickly understand. This particular one is available online here. To test it out and see just what it does i wrote a simple Hello[…]