0x88 Exploit Pack

This project was not originally by me , All i did was decode the actual exploit pack to enable looking under the hood for researchers so that they understand about how attacks were done using the exploit pack. Currently the attacks packed in it are:

  • Jpg + chm Exploit
  • JRL Exploit
  • ActivX Exploit
  • ActivX2 Exploit
  • XMLHTTP Exploit
  • XHTA Exploit
  • BIN-HEX Exploit
  • XML Exploit
  • PPP 4 Exploit
  • WScript Exploit
  • ANI Exploit
  • IFRAME Tag Overflow Exploit
  • Blnmgr.dll COM Object Remote Exploit
  • Msdds.dll Remote Code Execution Exploit
  • DHTML Object Memory Corruption Exploit
  • Javaprxy.dll Object Remote Exploit
  • Additional modules that can be easily connected (LZ SP2 and Cmd)
  • Downloader with injection, into explorer.exe and weighing 1.8 Kb

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